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“I don’t think we will ever see a popular president again”

What’s a man to do if he’s the kind of Republican strategist who loved Straight Talk McCain, was fired up by campaign finance reform, and finds today’s politics simply poisonous?

In the case of Mark McKinnon, come and talk at a Harvard Kennedy School breakfast on the theme, “the hotter the water, the stronger the tea”, about the “electoral stew” as he puts it that America finds itself in today.
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I didn’t expect her to say THAT

So the Kennedy School has a lovely and civilised habit of inviting speakers, inviting the rest of us to hear them, and (today at least) providing coffee and croissants. Oh how TOUGH it is going to be to return to the Real World!

Anyhow. Today. Breakfast for around forty of us with Arianna Huffington, as she talked about new media, how she got HuffPost up and running, what it’s doing now and next. (and promoted her new book “Third World America”.) Continue reading

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Arianna v the Tea Party

Listening to Arianna Huffington on NPR –  going to see her at a breakfast time debate tomorrow.

She’s taking calls from angry and anguished Americans who believe her claim that we’re in  “Third World America”.  I haven’t read it yet, but I was struck just now when a listener called John exclaimed,  “I don’t understand why poor people vote for Republicans!” 

It took me back to a great book by Thomas Frank, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

Who gets the respect of middle class Americans today worried about their status … their incomes …their economic survival? Arianna or the Tea Party?