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Send the BBC your views today on “Technology – the pace of change”


Hi there – I’m very excited to be a first time presenter on the fantastic World Service radio programme “World Have Your Say” at 1800BST today. It’s a programme that belongs to the audience, and I’m asking YOU to give me insights that I can read on air.

Here’s the idea. Can you imagine living in a world without the iPod? Using a computer without Google? Sorting out your social life without Facebook? Or your news without Twitter?
Or imagine a world where you didn’t have to hear about them all the time?

Well it’s not long ago that none of us had heard these names. Today marks a number of BIRTHDAYS – ten years since the iPod was unveiled, thirteen years since the launch of Google. And it seems every day brings us a new product launch – Amazon’s Kindlefire? – or a social media makeover – like the new look Facebook.

SO I’m using the moment to ask how this whirl of invention has changed YOUR life. What does it make you think about the way we communicate, the way we share, how our behaviour has changed

Are you excited about living in a world where it seems every day brings us a new product launch or a social media makeover?
Is it a lifestyle you aspire to?
Or is the world of Apple and Google and Amazon unreal and irrelevant – or one that makes you excluded and frustrated?

You can comment here – or tweet to @PhilippaNews or @BBC_WHYS – I’ll try to get as many of your thoughts as we can into our hour on air.

Author: philippathomas

I've been a BBC newswoman for 30 years: reporting from around the world. Currently to be seen anchoring BBC World News TV. Main interests - politics, psychology, reading, trekking, and all things American. I began this personal blog as a 2011 Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard. You can also find me talking daily news on Twitter at @PhilippaBBC, coaching @positivecoachi3, and life & travel on Instagram at @philippanews. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Send the BBC your views today on “Technology – the pace of change”

  1. Philippa, great job on your show! I really enjoyed hearing the different views on 9/11 conspiracy and Arab world developments — on Thurs. Sept. 29. Thanks! Do you have a copy of the broadcast? I’m not on twitter. How does one get a copy of your show? U can use the e-mail I entered to post here, if you can access that; or on Youtube I’m boobah1067. Just send message from your own inbox & I’ll send my e-mail addr. in reply. I’d love a copy — mp3? A lot of friends missed it and heard it was great! Very insightful. Thks.

  2. Hi – thanks – you can always listen back to World Have Your Say for 7 days after the show airs via the link below – and the conversation continues on the Facebook page BBCWorldHaveYourSay!

  3. I was doing media training in Hanoi a few months ago. One of the newspaper editors on my course invited me to travel with him to the highland area and train his staff. With a smile he said, “But David, will you still be able to operate without PowerPoint and without your laptop in a village where the electricity is from a generator that sometimes fails? You might be able to use the village PA system, if it’s working.”

    It made me think; I have so many technological crutches – will I be able to get about, or even stand, without them?

    • Thank you Dave – a great example that I’d like to quote.

      I had my own small “tech-free” experience last night when I found myself reporting from the Occupy protest at St Pauls, without the usual iPad, then without any battery life in theiPhone, and realising as I wrote a script on bits of paper from my coat pockets that I find it hard to read my own writing – shameful!

      I realise that’s very insignificant in comparison to your north Vietnam experience, but it did make me smile at my own “dependence”.

  4. I actually do know what it’s like not having any of these nifty devices that are out there today. And I survived without them. And I probably could survive these days also without them. My laptop is really just a toy. A source of entertainment. I don’t HAVE to blog, view YouTube or read email. I don’t need to look up music or info on my favorite actors. I was there when the first IBM 286 came out. AOL was a phenomenon and Instant Messaging was magic! All these devices do is make life a little easier. I don’t own a Smart Phone either. I only carry a cell if my kids have an emergency while I’m not home or I break down while on the road. I find cell phone plans too over rated and extremely expensive for what they provide. I bought an iPod because my kids have one and it’s fun to share apps and music. A way to relate and keep up with their life. I have no problems listening to the radio.
    A Kindle. Why on earth do I need a Kindle? Or Nook? Is it really that hard to get to a library or buy a book from a bookstore? Yes, it maybe a little less expensive, but what an impact it’s having on business. And we’re all wondering why the economy is tanking. Everything can be done from your computer these days. Even grocery shopping! Who needs stores?
    I guess at my age, it’s just very humdrum. I do miss the 60’s and 70’s. I don’t live in that era, but I think about how life was more dependent on commerce and not ecommerce.
    If I was 20 something or even a teenager, this stuff would be a necessity. It’s definitely more expensive having kids these days with all this technology out there. Barbie has become so passe. Half the parents out there don’t even know what a Tonka truck is.

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