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Talking to Brian Lehrer TV

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I’ve given an interview about this blog – and what happened after my post about Bradley Manning & P J Crowley. It’s part of a programme with New York TV host Brian Lehrer called “Citizens cover the Uprisings”. I apologise in advance for alarming any viewers by being scarily close up to the camera on Skype, and gosh do I really have such a terribly British accent?


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I've been a BBC newswoman for 29 years: reporting from around the world. Currently to be seen anchoring BBC World News TV. Main interests - politics, diplomacy, tech, media, arts and all things American. I began this personal blog as a 2011 Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard. You can also find me talking daily news on Twitter at @PhilippaBBC, and sharing anything from travel photos to my education as a business coach on Instagram at @philippanews. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Talking to Brian Lehrer TV

  1. Well maybe PJ used you ‘on record’ to make two points (i) he disapproved and you gave him an indirect (yea right!) way of saying so (ii) he wanted out.
    By the way, you only sound posh when you say ‘gosh’ and ‘terribly’ otherwise it’s the voice and not the accent that we hear (and a delightful voice it is too).

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