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Dear Father Christmas

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One of the delights of the Nieman year is READING. I have a higgledy piggledy stack of books by my bed – on Iran, on Obama, on the cello, on food – and joy of joys here is a stack of new recommendations from the Economist. I’ve read Game Change, the Cello Suites, and the Imperfectionist so far. Wonder if I can learn to sleep less?


Author: philippathomas

I've been a BBC newswoman for 29 years: reporting from around the world. Currently to be seen anchoring BBC World News TV. Main interests - politics, diplomacy, tech, media, arts and all things American. I began this personal blog as a 2011 Nieman Journalism Fellow at Harvard. You can also find me talking daily news on Twitter at @PhilippaBBC, and sharing anything from travel photos to my education as a business coach on Instagram at @philippanews. Thanks for reading!

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